Biking. Camping. Farming. 

Bike2Farm organizes weekend cycling trips to local organic farms on and off the island of Montreal as a way to get out of the city in the summer and learn more about organic small-scale farming going on around us. Bike2Farm is a working group of the CFC and revived project of Sustainable Concordia.

Typically, the trips involve biking all day Friday, camping out Friday and Saturday night, helping out with farm work on Saturday, and returning to the city on Sunday. Bike2Farm wants to make this type of touring as accessible as possible and therefore offers at least one shorter distance trip as well as making the trips free for Concordia students.

Our goals

  • Learn about and practice organic farming
  • Renew our connection to food and farmers who grow it
  • Promote long distance cycling in an urban setting
  • Inspire

Want to get involved?

We are currently looking for students to help with planning and/or act as guides for the Bike2Farm trips over the summer (2016). If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch! 

Contact: [subject line: bike2farm]