Season Jars

What is the Season Jars (Food Preservation Project)?

Season Jars aims to promote year-round consumption of local, organic and seasonal produce through public education and collective food preservation. Our semester-long, experiential and multidisciplinary food preservation course aims to provide a positive collective learning experience for participants, volunteers and interns.

Season Jars spreads the culture of sustainability, self-sufficiency and collective cooking. Students participating in this project will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical food skills to preserve local produce and reduce waste.

Current Activities: Hands-on food preservation workshops!

Learn to ferment, pickle, dry and can your local food!

Our workshops cover the history and cultural heritage of food preservation, the health benefits of some preservation techniques, the biochemistry of food preservation as well as the socio-economic, environmental and food security implications of preserving local seasonal food. Each workshop includes a collective kitchen, where participants collaboratively apply their theoretical knowledge to transform local, organic and seasonal produce into delicious recipes to take home.

For more information or to register for the workshop, visit us our website or check us out on facebook!


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