Sprouting Minds

Sprouting Minds for the Food Revolution is a collective that aims to increase food awareness through facilitating food dialogues with youth in Montreal.

Currently, we’ve focused on creating an interactive workshop for high school students aimed at encouraging students to ask critical questions about their food and food systems, and to inspire them to become involved and empowered through the food movement.

Main topics we address are:

  • Industrial Agriculture’s innate dependence on the fossil fuel industry
  • Social and ethical injustices of the industrial food system
  • Monopolization and corporate takeover of the Canadian food system
  • The food sovereignty movement & how to become more food sovereign
  • The need for Canadian youth to become farmers

We also want to host food-dialogues within the Concordia community with the hope of organizing the movement, and developing content for our youth workshops. These food-dialogues will take shape as “town hall meetings”, casual food-related parties/gatherings, and film screenings/discussions. We also intend on partaking in awareness campaigns on campus.

If you are passionate about food justice, empowerment through education, and creating a better future, you should most definitely join us!!

We cannot express how rewarding and wonderful it is to engage in these discussions with Montreal youth! We hope you get a chance to experience it with us!