Each year in the fall the CFC holds an annual general meeting, which is the ultimate governing body of the organization and provides all members with the opportunity to contribute to the goals and actions of the organization. The objective of the AGM includes the annual report of CFC activities, examination and approval of the financial statement, ratification of constitutional amendments, and the election of BOD members.

As a member of the CFC, the AGM is an opportunity for you to get brought up to date with what we`ve been doing over the course of the last year and vote on the future! All undergraduate Concordia students who, within the past semester, have paid into the CFC’s fee levy are considered to be CFC members. All other students, staff, and Concordia Food Coalition Constitution faculty of Concordia University as well as community members are eligible to become CFC active members.


HOW TO APPLY: send an e-mail to concordiafoodcoalition @ with BOD APPLICATION in the subject line by Nov 15th. Include: your name, your phone number, your e-mail, type of membership (student, faculty, community), a brief biography and motivation which describes why our membership should vote for you! (150 words max)

Interested in getting involved with the campus food movement but haven`t been sure how? Want to gain invaluable experience in a not-for-profit setting while learning about food politics and food security? Got a hankering to review budgets or draft policy? The possibilities are endless and all roads lead to changing Concordia`s food system to be more socially, environmentally, and economically just. Joining the CFC Board of Directors might be just what you`re looking for!

How is the board shaped?

The BOD is composed of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 members. In order to reflect the campus communities, the BOD members should include at least two undergraduate students, at least one graduate student, and at least one staff or faculty members. While no particular BOD seat is reserved for campus organizations, it is preferable that the BOD members represent key campus organizations.

BOD Member Eligibility

The BOD members should have a good understanding of the goals and activities of CFC. BOD members cannot be financially compensated interns or paid staff.

BOD’s Responsibilities

The BOD members are required to attend all BOD meetings, play an active and engaged role within CFC with good knowledge of the CFC mandate and its projects. The specific BOD responsibility includes, but not limited to, the following:

● Managing the budget ● Approving new working groups proposed by the Steering Committee

● Create compensated positions provided fund availability

● Have at least one representative attend each Steering Committee meeting

● Drafting amendments to the CFC constitution

● Organizing the AGM

● Conflict resolution

● Preparing a year-end evaluation to be presented at the AGM in collaboration with the Steering Committee

● Initiating and engaging in fund-raising activities in collaboration with the Steering Committee

● Participating in the visioning activities initiated by the Steering Committee

● Overseeing prompt and accurate payment to the paid staff and financially compensated interns

● Assuming signing authority (three BOD members)

● Managing the approved annual budget in collaboration with the Steering Committee