Bite ME!




The full list of events for this years eidition of Bite ME! is now set for full details please visit our facebook event page :


Take a bite out of the industrial food system and join the Concordia Food Coalition for a week long series of public lectures and hands on workshops related to food politics and food security. Bite Me! acts as an opportunity to help us grow the food movement at Concordia. By providing access to free knowledge and skill shares related to all things food we hope to inspire students and community members to take much needed action in the struggle to radically transform our food systems into something that is socially, environmentally, and economically just.

Bite Me! takes place annually in September as a way to introduce new and returning students to the food movement on campus, community organizations working in food security, and hands-on solutions being used to create alternative food systems. Throughout the course of the week, the Concordia Food Coalition in collaboration with Bite Me! invitees will create spaces where students and community members can listen and engage in intersectional discussions on food politics, learn how to prepare healthy affordable meals, and get their hands dirty with DIY gardening and growing workshops. We also organize documentary film screenings, edible biking tours, community picnics, and much more!